Android 11

I got a new fancy lock screen and the ability to split-screen. I could control smart devices in my home if I had any but I don’t. There’s also something about all messaging apps sharing the same notification type which is not the same as having one singular app to replace all various IM stuff I got now. My clock app got another tab about setting bedtime alarms that I’ll try and give a go. Anything to get my sleeping habits in better order.

Taking a screenshot now went back to holding power button + volume vs. power button + select from the menu. It took me a while to get used to the latter and now changing it on me feels jarring. But they added an alternative way via multitask pane which might be ok.

Chrome decided to turn off my tabs settings which is annoying. I won’t turn it on this time since I don’t wanna waste any more time constantly tweaking against the defaults. But I’m gonna miss that UI.

All in all, not a big jump from Android 10. Out of all new features, split-screen / dual app mode seems most convenient (hello YouTube+Chrome). And I’m still waiting on one IM to rule them all.

Update: bedtime thingy is weak shit and Chrome tabs are back, hopefully for good.