Song of the day: Ab-Soul - Gotta Rap

TV noise effect in CSS

Dark mode, color-scheme and iframes

Add scroll margin on pages with fixed header

Monthly playlist 09/2023

Radio Garden

Monthly playlist 08/2023

Song of the day: Nas - One Mic

Montly playlist 7/2023

This too shall pass

Monthly playlist 6/2023

Disable prettier per repository

Regex to search JSX component with a given property

Animating auto height for accordion component

Link image to full size image in markdown

The Math Behind Nesting Rounded Corners

Using JSON.stringify to pretty print objects in console

Song of the day: Mark 4ord feat. Mic Bles - The Blast Off

Mocking API endpoints

Setup free business email address

Pass variables from CSS to JS

Prime 1 Studio showcase

preconnect and preload considered harmful

Song of the day: Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Sadat X - She Said

Song of the day: Nas - First Time

How "science" gets into daily news

Song of the day: DJ Khaled feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z - GOD DID

Weekly playlist 15.8 - 21.8

iTunes Artwork Finder

Enable/disable Windows key on keyboard

TIL: Surimi


CGI moon raising over North pole

Paper planes

Sven milestone: got off the diapers

HTTP server for running static production builds

Weekly playlist 20.6 - 10.7

Song of the day: Billie Essco - Million Dollar Bondo

Song of the day: Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - 1985

Song of the day: Nicholas Craven feat. Evidence - Breaking Atoms

Weekly playlist 30.5 - 19.6

TIL: Irreverent

Weekly playlist 9.5 - 29.5

The small steps of giant leaps

TIL: Exacerbate

My favorite soup

Kool Keith & Ray West

npm --no-optional flag

Persepolis Reimagined

Weekly playlist 4.4 - 10.4

Jeff Lemire - Essex County Trilogy and Google Analytics

Weekly playlist 21.3 - 3.4

TIL: Vestigial

Weekly playlist 7.3 - 20.3

Peter Lynch - One Up On Wall Street

(Bi)Weekly playlist 7.2 - 6.3

TIL: origin-trial


Autofill SMS token

Weekly playlist 24.1 - 6.2

Behind the scenes of LOTR movies

Gaming Historian

TIL: Tuple

Weekly playlist 10.1 - 23.1

Jim Pavloff remakes Prodigy songs in Abelton

Default font stack

Boucq & Charyn

Conditionally adding entries inside Array and object literals


Burton G. Malkiel - A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Evidence - Unlearning Vol. 1 (2021)

How car works

Weekly playlist 6.12 - 26.12

Kowloon Walled City

YouTube alternative apps

Email obfuscation

Manu Larcenet - Brodeck’s Report

Three ways to keep drafts in 11ty

Weekly playlist 22.11 - 5.12

Star rating with decimal values in Preact

Typescript interface vs type

Perf: using SVG favicon

Using CSS variables (custom properties) as content property value

F. Scott Fitzgerald - Great Gatsby

Shoelace knots

Sass position helpers

Manu Larcenet - Blast

Simple sticky footer technique

Phillip K. Dick - Ubik

Weekly playlist 1.11 - 21.11

Sharing Git credentials between Windows and WSL

Arcane: League of Legends

TIL: accent-color

Comic book integrals

IG graffiti pages

John C. Bogle - The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

John Steinbeck - The Grapes of Wrath

HTML accesskey attribute trick

Knockout text in CSS



Weekly playlist 20.9 - 31.10


encodeURI vs encodeURIComponent

Apple pie for $1 recipe

Aleksandar Bilanović - Dripačka Rapsodija

hosts file path

Using CSS min() and max() in Sass

Conditional border radius in CSS

CSS only horizontal scrolling slider

Variable reuse in YAML

TIL: scrim gradient

Sublime: tabs jump around after startup

Stacking shadows

Software updates

Black Sails

Weekly playlist 30.8 - 12.9

David Mazzucchelli - Asterios Polyp

Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor

Bash: autocomplete on tab

RAF Camora & Bonez MC

Using overflow: hidden on a <body> tag

CSS utility class for full bleed child inside padded parent

Sven milestone: kindergarden

YouTube food shows

Weekly playlist 16.8 - 29.8

Separate two lists in markdown

Apply hover and focus styles only on desktop

TIL: Bifurcation


Pascal Rabate - Potočić (Les petits ruisseaux)

Wilfrid Lupano & Paul Cauuet - Old Geezers

Whitespace and line wrapping in JSX


Google Analytics via Segment - cloud vs device mode

Weekly playlist 2.8 - 15.8

Marka Žvaka

Beans recipe

Escape code samples in 11ty


Electric toothbrush


Mary Buffett & David Clark - Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements

Fade text

Fixed: 11ty "invalid WIN32 path characters" bug

Weekly playlist 19.7 - 1.8

Curly quote

Home alone

Skeleton screen

Override default utility class in Preact component

Sass mixin for CSS-only ripple effect

Managing breakpoints in Sass

Weekly playlist 12.7 - 18.7

My font loading strategy

TIL: String.repeat()

Show hidden files on Mac

Sven milestone: buzz cut

Problem with accessing localhost over network on Windows 10

Weekly playlist 5.7 - 11.7 can mutate original array

Chrome Remote Desktop

Cottage cheese and frozen vegetables recipe

Don’t be hasty

Summer tires

Mobile design predictions

Centering in CSS

Storybook and Redux

OC - Word...Life (1994)

Weekly playlist 21.6 - 4.7

Paint 3D

Redux vs local state

My favorite sneakers

Jodorowsky & Moebius - Incal


Weekly playlist 14.6 - 20.6

Shark Dive Dubai Aquarium

Optimizing SVG icon system in Preact

Weekly playlist 7.6 - 13.6

How I optimize images and SVG

Masking API latency in Preact

Setting optimal line length for reading

Weekly playlist 31.5 - 6.6

Ivan Vuković - Majka Ayahuasca

Weekly playlist 24.5 - 30.5

Two ways to temporary save work in git

Weekly playlist 17.5 - 23.5


Minimal setup for recording rap vocals

Disable Chrome opening old tabs at startup

Text in a square box

About reverting commits

Bookmarks for things I don’t automate


How I fixed a z-index bug

J.R.R. Tolkien - Hobbit

Attempt re-fecth on network error

Check if function is a class

Colored image shadow

Global warming

Combat Jack vs Papoose

My top 10 dead rappers

Change default editor on Ubuntu

Icy Wind cake

Mexican food types

Less is more

Paul S. Kemp - Lords of the Sith

Automating release notes

prefers-reduced-motion on Windows

Naughty by Nature (1991)

Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (original)

Speed up VLC Player


Dizaster vs Dumfounded

Kite i Jaja

Chrome Dev Summit 2014

Cottage cheese and whey

Cottage cheese and soft boiled eggs

My git aliases

My favorite MCU Infinity Saga movies

Append unit to a unitless CSS custom property

Title case rules

Sven milestone: went to potty

Raekwon verzuz Ghostface

TIL: Multitenancy


Opening VS Code terminal in multi root workspace

Roasted eggplant

Steven Pressfield - The War of Art

Sven milestone: referred to himself by name

Butternut squash fries

Hollow Knight

Take It Personal - A Tribute to D&D Studios

Eating during (video) calls


Creating empty branch in GitHub repo

Wax Only

My most-used Windows shortcuts

Ordering from the dark web

Jumpoff WRC07

Designing the Ideal Bootstrapped Business

How to customize bash inside VSCode on WSL2

Android 11

Docker and VPN

TIL: How to re-run bashrc script

Umberto Eco - Number Zero


Weird transpilation bug

Bad habits I try to ditch

My rules for buying a new phone

How I deal with job offers

Useful page for monitor calibration

New PC update

My top 5 Jay-Z albums

Gordon Ramsey style eggs

Halt and Catch Fire

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

Iconic hip hop images

Revenge bedtime procrastination

Ultimate caching header

Adding folder to VS Code workspace

Harley Quinn (animated series)

Enable WSL2 without Insiders program

Oatmeal and Milbona recipe

Always run as admin

Stripped table that starts with a header

Remove Windows Insider watermark

Roger Zelazny - Nine Princes of Amber

Dashes, hypen and minus

My dev setup on a clean Windows install

List of my must-have software on clean Windows install

List of Windows 10 tweaks after clean installation

New PC build

Middle Earth - Shadow of War

34" ultrawide curved monitor

Tortellini recipe

Replacing simple conditionals with logical AND (&&)

How I use Slack

Ceiling light