Harley Quinn (animated series)

Holy shit, that was unexpected. Harley Quinn cartoon is super fun. Very similar to the Harley Quinn comic book I enjoyed some years prior. The setting is still Gotham (not New York), Harley’s crew is "classic" villains (not henchmen-like team) and the drawing is still in line with the original Batman TAS which means smaller tits and less hot Harley and Ivy. But over the top cursing and violence is there. Dark humor and adult-swim type of gags as well.

Watched 4 episodes of S01 but I like how it goes so far. I hope to see the storyline progress and not stuck into a weekly sitcom routine with repeating jokes.

Update: finished S01 and S02. I found S02 ending very satisfying and news that there will be S03 even more. At one point the show becomes a bit monotone with all supervillain fighting (violence shtick got old quick). For next season I hope there will be some new additions to the crew since Psycho is gone. Team banter was probably the best part along with the amnesiac Joker storyline.