Just finished Stray. Fantastic video game. Beautiful graphics with a high amount of small details spread around. The atmosphere was super immersive. The main character (aka the Cat) is adorable and a joy to play with. Movements and behavior are so detailed I wanted to leave cat food next to my PC.

Easy puzzles and straightforward platforming (ie. jumping available only in certain spots) were very welcoming for a casual gamer like me. Action sequences with Zurgs and Santinels were my least favorite but weren’t too distracting or difficult. Took about 5hrs to complete which hit the sweet spot for me.

The story is simple but charming, especially the design of Companions. The last scene with B-12 and the Cat was a real tearjerker.

The animation of the roof opening over the walled city was very satisfying. Stray is the closes one can get to visiting Kowloon. I wish there were some kind of free roam mode available after finishing the main story.

If there were more games like Stray or Firewatch I would probably indulge gaming more often.