Pass variables from CSS to JS

I know two ways of achievening this:

ΒΆ Sass

If you use Sass and webpack in your project use :export declaration.

// in sass/_variables.scss

$color-primary: blue;
$color-secondary: red;

:export {
colorPrimary: $color-primary;
colorSecondary: $color-secondary;
import { colorPrimary } from '../sass/_variables.scss'

Good advice from SO and Bootstrap to avoid repetition is to leverage Sass map:

$theme-colours: (
someColor: #000,
anotherColor: #000,
thirdColor: #000,
fourthColor: #000

@each $color, $value in $theme-colours {
$color: $value;

Note that if your Sass variables use dash separators (ie. some-color) and are exported with the same name you won't be able to do names exports. Meaning you will end with something like colors['some-color'] in JS.

Update: Actually, Sass is not needed for this to work. It relies on a standard called Interoperable CSS so it will work with plain CSS (but still needs JS loader though).

ΒΆ CSS variables

From Bramus. Idea is to define variables as custom properties and fetch them using getComputedStyle.

:root {
--color-primary: #FF0000;
--font-size: 16px;
function getStyle(style, element = document.body) {
return window

console.log('Primary Color', getStyle('--color-primary'));

console.log('Font Size', getStyle('--font-size'));

Using document.body as element will get you :root variables.