Bad habits I try to ditch

  1. Going to bed late (changing this habit is my biggest and hardest problem)
  2. Eating junk food, week-long cheat meals, emotional is always an issue for me
  3. Drinking coffee
  4. Spending time on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Spending time on Discord (replaced FB and IG for similar dopamine hit)
  6. Spending time on YouTube (I just keep finding new stuff that I add in "watch later" and then feel obliged to clear the stack)
  7. Too much TV/movies/Netflix (decade long habit that just made me more stupid and inert)
  8. Reading news portals (clickbait titles and entirely useless content, also anxiety enhancers)
  9. Hacker News - not as terrible as news portals but also unproductive and rarely satisfying
  10. Not respecting working hours - keep hanging on Slack past 7 pm or during weekends and thinking about work outside work hours adds to the stress

Update 2021/04/14:
So far I’m doing good job on 4, 7, 8 and 10 but got worse with 2, 3 and 5. Bed thing is on and off.