Jodorowsky & Moebius - Incal

Last time I read it was when I bought it, almost 10 years ago[^1]. This time it left less of an impression. I think originally, I’ve given in to all the lore about and around the book. Today, I think the story is all over the place. Not a particularly big fan of Jodoverse. It’s just too all over the place for my taste.

Moebius drawing is excellent and truly among the best ever. But even so, it’s not without fault. Constant morphing of the main character’s face is a flaw Mobies himself admitted but they build some reasoning to make it appear normal inside Jodorowsky’s crazy world. And I feel a lot of story elements work this way. Things that don’t make sense and appear like something from an acid trip are somehow reasoned into much deeper symbolism and value.

Not so inclined to check the Before and After series but I might revisit Metabarons.

[^1] In 2011., I wrote an article about Incal for Novi list: