Sven milestone: went to potty

Sven went to the potty for the first time today. Sadly, I wasn’t there to witness it but apparently, our nanny noticed he wanted to go so she put him on a potty before he managed to do it in a diaper. We bought potty 1-2 months ago but so far he only used it as a step to reach high places and showed no interest in ditching diapers except being mildly agitated at times after peeing.

Update 2021/04/10:

It was the first time that I was directly involved. He came hugging me and saying that he needs to poop. So I removed his diaper and seated him on the potty. The first time, he didn't have the patience to sit still so we dressed back. But after 10-15 minutes he wanted to go again and he pooped successfully. His shit was pretty big, on a grownup level. Afterward, he even pointed that his butt hurts and asked for cream. I was very happy.