New PC build

Yesterday I wanted to write that I finally completed my PC build but trouble never ends. As of today, this is my current config:

CPU Intel Core i7 10700F
FAN ARCTIC Freezer 34
RAM G.Skill Ripjaws V seriers 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4
SSD Crucial MX500 1TB
GPU Gainward GeForce GTX 1650 Super Pegasus OC
PSU LC-Power Silent Series LC5500
Case Zalman T7
WIFI TP-Link Archer T2U Plus AC-600
CAM Logitech C310
Monitor LG 34WN80C

pcpartpicker link

(linked config is misisng my cheap keyboard and external mic but has my Sennheiser headphones, Logitech M705 mouse and WD 5TB external HDD that I bought and used for a while.)

Backstory: my laptop is 6 years old. Instead of upgrading RAM and replacing HDD and SSD with new ones I decided to switch to a desktop PC.

First order

On my first go, I ordered just PC parts, no new monitor. I was really unhappy with the Antex NX100 case. It just didn’t work for me.

When finally completed, the PC was so loud I could hear it from the other room. Since I didn’t exactly buy a cheap CPU I thought stock fan would be enough for my purposes (no gaming).

Second order

My second order was for a new Ultrawide curved monitor. Few remarks about that:

Third order

On my third go, I ordered a new case and separate fan for my CPU. Arctic Freezer was a great pick. Easy setup. And I’m much much happier with my new Zalman T7 case, it’s smaller but has room for 8 fans and overall access and mounting was easier (or I just got the hang of it). One negative thing is that I had trouble fitting screws on both the back lid and when mounting MBO (this might be due to a crooked MBO mask due to my fiddling). Like they put the holes just a little off.

Noise trouble

PC was still noisy as hell. After examining CPU, GPU and case fan I started to think the issue is with PSU. It’s a cheap PSU not widely available (no videos, no reviews, no other company items on pcpartpicker).

My next step is to go back home and pull Corsair VX450 PSU from my old PC and test it. If it’s an improvement I’ll buy a new PSU (given that the old one is probably 10 years old at this point). Also need to look into buying additional fans for the case (with 4-pin cable since I used my single Molex cable).

Update: noise went down after I removed ASROCK utility tool that did some shitty overclocking job causing CPU fan to go up and down in spins.

This whole experience was bad due to one shitty little program I installed without thinking twice.

Final rant

And finally, since I’m no longer on the laptop I had to get a standalone USB webcam. I picked Logitech C310 based on price and reviews. The picture quality is good but the lack of a good stand solution bothers me. I can either mount it on my desk so it faces my chin or put it on the monitor so it faces my bald forehead.

So new PC but also new problems. Sigh.


Side note: In the US, my whole new build (monitor included) is available for little under $1500 if ordering on Amazon. In Croatia, I paid everything a bit over $2000.