Steven Pressfield - The War of Art

After two different sources referenced this book, I wanted to check it out. Also my first attempt at audiobook. First, audio wasn’t read by a human but a robotic voice instead. Painful to listen to.

Second, not a fan of this kind of Oprah-book-club/self-help/motivational/inspirational stuff. This Amazon review nailed it pretty good.

I didn’t make it through the end. It’s a terribly repetitive offering of shallow metaphors for simple concepts around discipline and battling procrastination. I found it funny how the author randomly chooses what acts and accomplishments are worthy of praise and done despite what he calls resistance while others are part of the problem. A book like this seems like the perfect outlet for someone actually avoiding doing work and instead of hoping to get a kick in the ass from the outside source.

I can draw a comparison between this book and Rich Dad Poor Dad in a way of writing and general usefulness (or lack of it). I guess some people find those books comforting and inspiring in a way religious people find Bible and other scriptures. I find this shit boring at best, and shallow and offensive at worst.