Using CSS min() and max() in Sass

CSS has min() and max() functions. They allow us to specify list of values and it would return either smallest or largest one.

Before those functions were widely supported, Sass also had min and max functions.

Now the problem is, Sass will sometimes try to use its own functions instead of native ones.

There are two possible solutions:


CSS is not case-sensitive but Sass is. Renaming min/max to Min/Max (or MIN/MAX) would make functions ignored by Sass compiler but still recognized in the browser as valid CSS.

font-size: min(1.3vw, 17px); // will use Sass
font-size: Min(1.3vw, 17px); // will use CSS


Using Sass unquote function to wrap the property value will output the value without going through Sass compiler.

font-size: min(1.3vw, 17px); // will use Sass
font-size: unquote('min(1.3vw, 17px)'); // will use CSS

Note about Sass variables

To use Sass variables inside native CSS functions, they need to be interpolated.

$value: 1.3vw;
font-size: Min(#{$value}, 17px);
font-size: unquote('min(#{$value}, 17px)');