Ceiling light

Today I mounted a chandelier! OK, not a chandelier but a ceiling (pendant?) light.

My wife put a decorative one with small, weak lights in my room and it was bothering me since we moved in, more than 12 months ago.

Now, I’ve finally put back the original, cheap Ikea chandelier that can host a regular power-saving bulb and get me better light when I needed it.

Task involved removing the current light, the cross that was fixing it, and extending the wires so I have enough space to install a new mount. After googling how to connect bulb mount, I learned that it doesn’t matter what wire goes where. I also learned that black or brown wires are phase and the blue one is zero.

I did a smart thing and turned off power in the room at the main box which should be obvious but in the past, I wasn’t so smart. To complete this exercise I had to borrow ladders, a toolbox (I needed clamps and isolation duck tape), and extra wires from my neighbor. Now I’m thinking about getting a proper toolbox of my own and setting my tools in order.

I did a horrible job with the wiring and the whole thing is sitting crooked against the ceiling but it works and it’s not noticeable. It took me around 90 minutes but I’m still proud for pulling it off by myself.