Halt and Catch Fire

Rewatching this amazing show once more. Season one is the weakest due to the irritating persona of Joe MacMilligan who’s defacto main and most developed character. But from the start all cast performance is strong. The period setting is great as well (not that I would notice if it wasn’t).

Update: Finished all 4 seasons. What a show. Truly amazing. Even season one had highs with Comdex episode but things really took off after the move from Dallas to California. The whole cast is top-notch and I can’t praise their performance enough. The pacing and direction are superb. Metaphors are a bit on the nose but I didn’t mind it.

Almost all characters take big swings from annoying or "bad" to likable/sympathetic but everything has a reason and is placed as part of the overall growth/life theme. I cried after Gordon died even though I knew it was coming. His death was abrupt and the aftermath was probably the most realistic I’ve seen on TV.

My biggest complaint is the amount of alcohol everybody drinks all the time. It’s like a replacement for cigarettes in Mad Men. One other thing I found unlogical is S04 Bos’ financial problems and how he went from a very confident businessman who did jail time to a squeamish bum scrapping for money afraid to ask for help from his rich wife and friends (also not sure why Gordon refused to help him except to drive the plot).

I’m sad this show flew so much under the radar and doesn’t get the props it deserves.