Umberto Eco - Number Zero

Last novel by Umberto Eco and the first one I've read. I picked it since it was shorter than Name of the Rose and newspaper redaction seemed a more interesting setting than a monastery. In the end, it proved a dull satire.

I think a lot is probably lost in translation. The book is riddled with Italian history and public personas and also makes allusions to the Italian political climate (newspaper owner is supposedly a parody of Berlusconi). Many praise Eco for the critique of modern Italy using subtle humor but I don't know anything about Italian politics so humor eluded me.

There was one stupid little cowboy joke that I found funny. Other than that, very little entertainment or suspense or vivid imagery. Last few chapters* I wanted to know how would whole conspiracy plot resolve but the end left me entirely apathetic.

*Main reason I pushed through the end was the fact this was my second book this year and I want to read at least 12 this year in an effort to replace my sad habit of spending evenings and nights glued to Netflix and YouTube.