New PC update

Trouble never seems to end. I managed to somewhat fix the noise issue by uninstalling the MBO utility tool that did some poor overclocking job I don’t need. But it looks like my new SSD is lacking in performance. Lag and noticeable wait times are worse than on my HDD+SSD setup. I did some scanning but nothing came back. I might try to switch cables and SATA slot to see if that helps.

Another issue I never had before is loss of power. That happens with the regular occurrence at my current place. It’s usually due to maintenance but it’s not like I get phone notifications about it so it’s always rather abruptly. Now I have to think about getting some power box to sit in front of my PC to avoid any damage.

Next up, I notice more and more the glow on the bottom edge of my monitor. When looking at TV and dark scene comes around it’s very noticeable.

And finally, all these minor bugs in Windows I didn’t have with the previous installation. I don’t know if it’s buggy insiders build or something else. I might be pushed to do a clean system reset and waste another day on it. Le sigh.

I miss my sturdy, dependent Lenovo laptop. Might even sell this PC build and buy a new SSD and RAM for the laptop instead.