Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

I’ve heard of this book as well as the author many times before. I think it was one of those books that were available on newsstands but I’ve never read it. My wife expected that the way of writing would irritate me but it didn’t. I liked it.

Written in a very simple manner with a very obvious underlying message. Similar to the way various Bible stories get adapted. It would make a good Tom Hanks movie. Almost every sentence can be extracted into some profound quote to stand on its own (preferably as the caption below Instagram selfie). Yes, the book is probably overly simplified and does a bit too much hand-holding but the theme and message hit home for me. If I’ve read it earlier in life I would probably discard it as hippie trash.

It deals with some topics I often contemplate internally. Topics about spirituality and meaning of life. Stuff that I didn’t think about until my son was born. After that happened, my understanding of self and life goals all went upside down and I’m still trying to found new ground to stand on.

Anyway, cool little book. Not too big, not too heavy. It can have deep meaning to someone who seeks it or it can be just a fun, easy read.