How I use Slack

  1. I only use Slack desktop app. I don’t have Slack on my phone since I find it too easy to keep checking in after work hours.
  2. Notifications are for DMs and mentions and only during my set working hours.
  3. Mute any channel I’m not actively following (as in, invested in the current conversation).
  4. Keep only saved items icon in the upper part of the sidebar. Use the Save feature to mark any bits of conversation and information I might need or use later on.
  5. DM myself for TODO items and personal notes.
  6. Show unread channels and DMs only.
  7. Star channels/DMs that I actively follow and participate in and channels with convos that I don’t immediately respond to but plan to.
  8. Use Ctrl+k to open any other channel.
  9. Disable text previews of linked websites, jumbomojis, one-click reactions and prompt to mark everything read.
  10. Use up arrow to edit last message (I find myself needing to do that more than select any of the previous messages).
  11. Hide text formatting bar.
  12. Allow Slack links to be opened via Slack app (set in browser).
  13. Use Google Calendar app to quickly grab meeting links.
  14. Keep spell-checking active.