Ordering from the dark web

Things to install:

  1. OpenVPN or TunnelBear
  2. Tor Browser
  3. Kleopatra (via gpg4win)
  4. Electrum wallet

  1. Make sure you have a VPN running. If you have OpenVPN set up, use that. Else, TunnelBear is good.
  2. Open TorBrowser. Don’t resize to full screen and disable JS.
  3. Find an active market. Check out darknetstats to find one that’s not seized. Check reviews and compare features. Then actually try to visit and register on a few markets. Save all alternative links for returns.
  4. When registering, don’t use the same name and password variations you would normally. Store login data somewhere safe and only locally.
  5. Add public PGP to your market account. See here for instructions.
  6. Take note of good sellers. Write down their names and other identifying info from listings so you can try to find them on a different market. Import seller public PGP to Kleopatra.
  7. Find the product and add it to the cart. Take note of the BTC amount required to purchase.
  8. Use Electrum to transfer BTC from the wallet to the market account. Always send a little extra to take into account BTC market fluctuation. This will take time. Check wallet to know when the transaction is confirmed.
    Note: When sending money try using the lowest possible fee possible (usually static). If it doesn’t pass, try switching to a slightly bigger one (lowest ETA or mempool one). More info.
  9. Come back later and finish the purchase. Encrypt shipping address using seller PGP.
  10. If you didn’t put enough BTC into account, try waiting and monitor BTC price for changes. If the price doesn’t go up or you don’t wanna wait add more money to the account.