Don’t be hasty

Don’t be hasty — Treebeard

Yesterday, I was traveling from Zagreb to Rijeka. This usually means I have only a couple of hours to work in the office before packing and hitting the road. That morning, I was greeted with a bunch of low-hanging bugs carded.

I wanted to quickly knock most of them down before the weekend. So I worked directly on dev branch since I didn’t wanna bother making multiple fix/* branches and doing PRs. I also didn’t do any testing because running everything locally would slow me down.

I just did the fixes and committed them into dev.

But before leaving I either a) forgot to git push or b) I pushed and git complained about something I didn’t notice before closing my editor.

This all wouldn’t be a big mistake had I not moved all cards into ON DEV column as if deploy was done. My coworker doing the QA was confused after taking the time to test all bugs I marked as fixed. And due to the timezone difference (I’m in Croatia, they are in LA), it took until Monday to realize my mistake.


  1. DO NOT work on dev directly. Always checkout and push upstream.
  2. DO NOT move cards before deploy is finished.