How I deal with job offers

First, any query that comes from someone who is not CEO, CTO or anybody with actual tech background and experience but rather HR or recruiter I ignore. Those people usually just copy-paste generic letters filled with buzzwords and send dozens a day.

Second, I have two main conditions that I wanna know a company can meet before taking things any further:

  1. money - yes, I work for money. If I would win the lottery I wouldn’t write a single line of code. Money is a big deal for me and I would want at least 20% more than I earn at my current job. I can probably get 10-15% bump by asking for a raise at my current job and the rest is the cost of departing from a familiar setting and my comfort zone. If I would to quit and end up unemployed I would consider starting with the same pay I left my last job but not ever less. I learned over time that I can’t dial down on my experience, knowledge and amount of effort (I tried). So "easier" jobs for less money don’t work for me. I always perform to the best of my abilities and require adequate compensation for it.

  2. remote work - and I don’t mean COVID-remote or remote but available during work hours or remote but with daily calls or remote as second class compared to people who come in the office. I mean the ability to work from wherever and whenever. To set my own hours without being micromanaged. Async workflow should be a big part of company culture. I don’t consider fixed work hours, daily calls or open office needed or helpful for productivity (actually the opposite). If you do, then we’re not a good fit.