Manu Larcenet - Blast

Reading integral edition hit me less than it did the first time I read it years prior. But I forgot the epilogue ending so that made it a bit of a twist. Still puzzled by that giant beak on Polza’s father.

Beyond pure shock value, Blast has something epic to it. The heaviness is felt in all aspects. From the story and overall themes, the size of the main character, the size of the book and finally, Manu’s art.

This time around I paid more attention to the art since. Pacing and framing, use of different drawing techniques and especially tactical use of color show there is still a method to Manu’s madness.

Despite not being a fan of his drawing style, Manu Larcenet did some of my favorite comic books and ones that resonate most as I grow older. Blast is his masterpiece and one of those comics I wish everybody reads so we can talk about how great it is.